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The provisional stamps


In Asch, Karlsbad, Konstantinsbad, Niklasdorf, Reichenberg-Maffershof 

and Rumburg the provisional overprints on Czech stamps were official 

accepted by the German Postal Authorities. 

In many other cities Czech stamps were unofficial overprinted.


Commercial cover from Abertham send to Mauren in Lictenstein.

Czech stamps were overprinted in Abertham with this cancel

 but here it were used as normal date cancel.


Cover send from Böhmisch-Kamnitz to Dresden canceled with a provisional overprint.

The Czech stamps were localy overprinted in Böhmisch-Kamnitz.

The reciever is a member of the SudetenGerman Freecorps.



Commercial special delivery cover send from Böhmisch-Kamnitz to Haida.

Canceled with a single line provisional overprint.

The stamps from the Böhmisch-Kamnitz issue are here overprinted in blue.



Cover send from Nieder Adersbach to Gottesberg canceled with 

a provisional overprint.




The Czech stamps were overprinted localy in Nieder Adersbach.




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