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Provisional cancels.

Primitive cancels

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untitled-1.jpg (45156 byte)


Official Memory card from Bohmisch Kamnitz sent to Bautzen.

Canceled with a provisional one line cancel. 



untitled-2.jpg (37542 byte)


Printed matter from Ferchenhaid sent 

to Kaplitz. 

Canceled  with a provisional cancel with a 

fixed date.


untitled-3.jpg (41247 byte)


Commercial Air Mail card from Martzdorf-Nikles

sent to Lisbon, Portugal.

Canceled with a provisional double line cancel.


untitled-4.jpg (29248 byte)


Commercial card from Bomisch Kamnitz sent to Klagenfurt

Canceled with a provisional single line cancel and 2 provisional liberation cancels

"Wir sind Frei!" (We are free!)



untitled-5.jpg (39451 byte)


Special delivery cover from Radonitz sent to Karlsbad.

Canceled with a provisional cancel made from a child's printing set.

The special delivery label (EXPRES) is Czech.

The text on the other label reads: "Delayed due to incomplete address".




untitled-6.jpg (11237 byte)


German private Postal card (printed matter) from Triebitz sent to Rabenstein.

Canceled with a provisional single cancel. 


untitled-7.jpg (25086 byte)


German postal card from Brux sent to Warndorf.

Canceled  with a provisional cancel.


untitled-8.jpg (29917 byte)

Card from Kaaden sent to Wischowitz.Canceled with a provisional double line cancel.




untitled-9.jpg (18392 byte)


Picture card from Frischau sent to Vienna.

Canceled with provisional cancel "the German Eagle" which 

is very rare because its use as a cancel was forbidden!

(Back of card)


8meltsch.jpg (23316 byte) 8unterpolau.jpg (33683 byte) 8gablonz3.jpg (33390 byte)

Printed matter from Meltsch sent 

to Rabenstein. 

Canceled  with a provisional negative cancel without a date.


Commercial cover from Unter-Polaun

Canceled with a provisional single line cancel.

Stamps with perfin "J.R."


Cover from Gablonz a N. sent to Löbau.

Canceled with a single line cancel with added date.



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