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Provisional cancels.


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Before, under and after the takeover of Sudetenland a number of provisional cancels were used.
When the Czechoslovak postal authorities left Sudetenland they took with them most of the supplies of stamps, postal stationery and cancels. As a result, the new German postal authorities had to have new cancels made.


Card from Asch cancelled with a bilingual cancel of Czechoslovakian origin and a provisional cancel made by the Sudetenland Freecorps.
The text on the later: "We have thrown off the yoke, now we are free and stay free! Post office Asch 1 on the 21th of september 1938.
The card was send to Switzerland and the stamp are one of the provisional stamps from Asch.
Only 43200 (of this design) were overprinted in Asch.

During the unrest, in late september, 1938, the Sudetenland Freecorps took control of parts of the northwest of Sudetenland.
From here we see the first provisionel cancels. Some of these had obviously been prepared in advance.




When the German postal authorities moved into Sudetenland in the transition period they had with them many cancels.
There were many types and they were supplied by the German Regional Head Offices in the areas nearest to the zones of the occupied territory.



However, many post offices did not get any cancels. They had to use what was avaible or make some new cancels.
From this short period we see a varity from altered Czecholovakian cancels to crude, primitive homemade cancels as well as rich engraved cancels.



The colors of the ink used varies although black was most used. However, one can also find red, violet ,blue, brown and green.

Cover send from Gross-Schönau to Copenhagen, Denmark cancelled with a provisional cancel with fixed date, made by the Sudetenland Freecorps, and
a bilingual cancel where the Czech part was removed.



Picture postcard send from Jägerndorf cancelled with a provisional cancel supplied by the German Regional Head Post Office in Oppeln. The two other primitive provisional cancels with two straight lines and swastikas were localy made.
The inscription reads:
"Our Führer, the liberator is here".
"The days of liberation".



Cover from Niederhof send to Czechoslovakia cancelled with a rich engraved provisional cancel without date.


Official cover cancelled with a primitive provisional cancel, with fixed date, in red.
The text reads: "The Führer in Freudenthal, 7.10.1938.



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